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Westchester Workout
Personal Training Chappaqua

If you live in Chappaqua and are looking for the right personal trainer, then look no further..The personal trainers at Westchester Workout can help you get into the shape you desire.


Our programs are designed by fitness and nutrition experts with the goal of producing the best results for your body type and lifestyle. There are no fad workouts, diets, or special foods to buy.


The Benefits of Personal Training


With hundreds of gyms in Westchester County, it can be difficult to find just the right fitness facility for you. You can definitely lose weight on your own, but one-on-one personal training will get you results faster. So here are some benefits of personal training for Chappaqua Residents:


  1. You learn how to do exercises correctly- Many people go to gyms and use equipment the wrong way and do certain exercises incorrectly, which then leads to injury. A personal trainer at Westchester Workout can teach you how to use machines properly and how to do exercises the right way.
  2. Your workouts become shorter- No more spending hours in the gym. Working with a personal trainer at Westchester Workout can cut your workout time in half. Trainers know which exercises will burn the most calories in the shortest amount of time.
  3. You’ll get more of a variety in your personal workouts- It’s never the same old exercises or machines, personal trainers offer new and exciting ways to help you burn fat. You will never get bored or uninspired.
  4. You become motivated- A personal trainer will become your own personal cheerleader. The Westchesterworkout trainers will push you to your fitness limits and pick you up when you are feeling down or “lazy.”


Our trainers work with your individual goals and workout needs while incorporating professional technique and work-ethic!


Please call (914) 944-4300 or contact us online to make an appointment and stop by our state of the art facility! In-Home training sessions are also available.