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Five Star

“Westchester Workout has been my gym for over 8 years. When I first walked in I immediately knew I was going to sign up. The gym is immaculate. And it is no surprise that the owner, my trainer and friend, Lenny Sarrero is impeccable as well. He is all muscle and heart. He is consistent, conscientious and caring. Seven years ago I moved 30 minutes south of Westchester Workout and tried Equinox, Life Time Fitness and boutique personal training gyms- none of the gyms were close to as clean and none of the trainers were anywhere near as knowledgeable. Before the crack of dawn I drive one hour three times a week to start my day off with a great workout with Lenny and my best friend. Start feeling good and looking good now and join today with a friend!”

– Liz Kang Smith

Five Star

“Having belonged to a gym for my entire adult life, I can say with complete confidence that Westchester Workout (WW) is the among the best ones by far. Even if you compare it to the very expensive gyms in the area (e.g. Lifetime, ClubFit), WW is spotlessly clean, the equipment always working and very modern and Lenny the owner is always around to give training advice as well as keep you from hurting yourself. Also worth mentioning is the clientele……no hardcore gym rats, meatheads or prima donnas –just everyday folks looking to get in better shape. And IMHO, the monthly fee is very reasonable given what the other gyms around here charge.

If you are looking for a modern and immaculate place to go and train, but minus the classes and the drama, WW is hard to beat. For me, the personalized and professional attention that Lenny gives every client makes it a place that I plan to stay a very long time.”

– Phil Imperial

Five Star

“My wife started training with owner, Lenny Sarrero over five years ago. She finally convinced me to start training with him. I have to admit, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m probably in the best shape of my life – and get tons of compliments now!

I highly recommend training with Lenny – he’s professional, extremely knowledgeable, and very patient.”

– Howard B

Five Star

“Westchester Workout is a staple in this town. It’s clean and super well equipped. Most important, Lenny, the owner, is a decorated trainer with real expertise. He’s motivating and hyper focused on detail- in fact he treats training like an art. As some say, life imitates art, and Lenny will show you how to live a better life through training better. He is extremely knowledgeable and will cut through the BS and gimmicks to show you what you need to achieve the results you want, the right way. Thanks, Lenny!”

– Lina

Five Star

“I wish I’d discovered Westchester Workout when I first moved to Ossining a few years ago – I love it. Lenny has created a fabulous gym: it has all the equipment you need to keep fit, all of it impeccably maintained, and the environment is friendly, sunny, and very clean. Highly recommend!”

– Kelly Baum

Five Star

“This is definitely a (5) five star facility. Neat, super clean and organized! The best piece of equipment is Lenny Sarrero himself! He’s extremely knowledgeable, has a passion for perfection, and makes the workouts fun and motivating. As a high schooler who never worked out before coming to this gym, Lenny had been a huge help. Highly recommend this gym to anyone at any age!”

– Simon Grunin

Five Star

“This is a fantastic gym that’s beautifully maintained and super-clean. The owner, Lenny, is very personable and welcoming and also one of the top personal trainers around — he’s got years of experience and will develop a fitness routine that’s best suited to you. Couldn’t be happier with this place!”

– Patricia Kaufman

Five Star

“Westchester Workout is a bright, airy, immaculate space with lots of well-maintained weight and cardio equipment. The owner, Lenny Sarrero, has dedicated his life to physical fitness, and he’s a great resource for expert exercise and dietary advice. I wholeheartedly recommend Westchester Workout; I can’t imagine working out anywhere else!”

– Susan Brocchi

Five Star

“Having been an avid exerciser over the last 20 years, I can honestly say training with Lenny Sarrero has taken my fitness to the next level. I leave my sessions feeling strong, energized, and de-stressed. I have seen such positive changes in how I look and feel that now my husband and teenage daughter go! Westchester Workout is a clean and bright gym with plenty of machines and options for great workouts.”

– Anne Weissenberger

Five Star

“Just started training with Lenny Sarrero and I can see why he’s come so highly recommended! Extremely professional, polite and real gentleman. Can’t say enough good things about this gym!”

– Tammy K

Five Star

“Beautiful gym with quality equipment. The owner, Lenny, is always available to provide training advice. Great atmosphere for anyone looking for an exceptional gym.”

– Robert Brocchi

Five Star

“I have been going to Westchester Workout for a number of years. It is a beautiful, light and airy set up with a wonderful array of equipment of all sorts and extremely clean. I do personal training with the owner, Lenny. He is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, funny and kind. Thanks to Lenny, I am in the best shape of my life.”

– Bonnie Gale

Five Star

“One of the cleanest and up to date gyms I have ever trained in. All of the staff are very knowledgeable of the the complete workout systems and personal one on one training. It is just a great place to workout in.”

– Mark Voeltz

Five Star

“This is the cleanest gym i have even been to. You feel like you are in a 5star hotel from the gym floor to the bathrooms. The owner is a great and very nice guy. I have had nothing but great experiences with this gym.”

– Zack Lavin

Five Star

“I’ve been a member here for about 10 years. Hands down, the most immaculate fitness center I’ve ever been to! Owner Lenny Sarrero, has been extremely helpful with my workout routines. Highly recommend Westchester Workout!”

– Renee Horowitz

Five Star

“I’ve been a member here for more than 7 years. The gym is clean and well-maintained. I’ve been training under Lenny for the last 6 months, he knows how to work with his clients at an appropriate level.”

– Alex Mckenney

Five Star

“Super clean, with exceptional personal training from a real pro. Lenny js the best! So happy to see they are in the great new location !!”

– Lazarus Kaufman

Five Star

“I just came back from Saint Thomas, and I have to admit, WestchesterWorkout is nicer than the gym at the Ritz Carlton.”

– Freddy

Five Star

“This gym is incredibly clean and offers many machines and free space to exercise! Lenny, the owner, is very knowledgeable and helpful while offering his expertise. Highly recommend this gym!”

– Rachel Seiden

Five Star

“Lots of machines, very clean, friendly staff.”

– Mary Gallagher

Five Star

“Just joined Westchesterworkout. Probably the cleanest gym I’ve ever been in!”

– Jesse Steinvurzel

Five Star

“I’ve been a member of Westchester Workout for two years. When I first joined, I was apprehensive about working out with a trainer, but my experience has been nothing but positive. When I started, I had goals in mind, and thanks to Lenny educating me on everything weight training and nutrition, I surpassed all my goals. If you’re on the fence about working out like I was or looking for a facility that is pristine with the greatest equipment out there you need to go here.”

– Brett Nimphius

Five Star

“I have worked out in gyms all across the country for the past 60 years and found Westchester Workout gym to be the cleanest and best managed ever. Not only that, the owner and trainer Lenny to be an exceptional trainer who knows how to get the best results from anyone no matter what age.”

– Bobby Belanger

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