Lenny Sarrero

Owner/Lead Personal Trainer

Circa 1982

“Personal Training allows me to take my love of exercise and share it with others. As a trainer, my priority is to improve your overall quality of life by helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. My training philosophhy is about being the strongest “you” that you can be, as it will benefit your long-term health and give you more physical freedom as you grow older.”


Lenny Sarrero is one of the county’s top personal trainers and owner of Westchester Workout. He has over 30 years of semi-professional bodybuilding and fitness experience. An ACE Certified Personal Trainer, he has trained people at all levels of fitness, from beginners to professional athletes. Exercise, health and wellness are among his biggest passions in life.

Accomplishments in the Field of Fitness

  • 1982 Mr. USA – Finalist
  • 1981 Junior Mr. America – Finalist
  • 1980 Eastern Seacoast Classic – First Place
  • 1979 Teenage Mr. America – Runner Up
  • 1976 National High School Bench Press – Record-Setter